Video Gamer’s Lament

Though it is not obvious from the previous content of this blog, I am a video gamer. I am not particularly good at playing games, but I truly enjoy the interactive content, and seeing what the new trends in the industry are. Eith that being said, this is a sad time for video games. The 1UP network has been purchased by UGO (previously known for Wombat This in itself is not a bad thing. It allows 1UP to stay afloat in harsh economic times.

What is a bad thing, is UGO has axed some of the most notable voices in video game journalism. Between Nick Suttner and Shane Bettenhausen, 1UP had the editorial staff whose opinions I trusted the most.

Add to that, the fact that they killed the one print magazine that I actually have a paid subscription to, and it has been a bad week.

The upside is that I have been forced to find new video game news outlets, for my podcast listening enjoyment. The 2 that are eating up the most time so far are RebelFM and WhatTheyPlay Podcast.

RebelFM is primarily composed of the previous members of 1UPFM and the WhatTheyPlay Podcast has truly important information for people who need to make video game decisions for children. Check them both out if you have a couple of hours.


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