Sleep is good

So I decided to take a nap today. This wasn’t an ordinary nap, it was a supremely enjoyable one. It was a mid-afternoon nap. It was a before work nap. It was a dreaming nap.

The dreaming is what makes a nap the best. Somehow I managed to make it into a deep enough slumber to dream. I don’t know exactly what I was dreaming but I am fairly certain that it involved food. When I awoke my mouth was moving in a chewing motion and there was a significant amount of drool on the pillow. Maybe I should make a point of going to sleep hungry.

I know you are all thinking that waking up drooling is not the pinnacle of napness. I would posint that you are incorrect. If you have managed to nap the nap of the drool, you will know that when it comes to napping drool is good. To have lost that much control is an amazingly good feeling,

So I wish you all many naps, and hope that you wake with wet pillows.


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